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Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Giza, Sphinx
Abu Hol - The Great Sphinx.

Near Cairo, Giza, Egypt.

George & Eve DeLange.

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Abu Hol - The Great Sphinx. Khafre Or The Chephren Pyramid
In Background. Near Cairo, Giza, Egypt.
Abu Hol - The Great Sphinx. Khafre Or The Chephren Pyramid
In Background. Near Cairo, Giza, Egypt.

The Great Sphinx Of Giza was carved from a rocky spur which suggested its shape.

Although it has long been the victim of erosion and damage from the upsurges of underground water, it has been cleared of sand and restored several times since antiquity, and it remains one of the undisputed wonders of a great civilization known for its architectural achievements.

This great colossus of Khafre (240 feet long and 65 feet high) is both the guardian and symbol of Royality. Of course, other meanings have been attributed to the structure, but Royal Power is the most obvious.

During the New Kingdom it was seen as the representation of Re-Harakhti, the falcon headed sun god; or Horem-Akhet, Horus on the Horizon.

Young princes raised in Memphis came to the Sphinx to meditate upon the legitmacy of power.

Legend says the Thutmose IV built a stele between the feet of Sphinx following a dream in which the god Harmachis asked him to clear the sand between the feet in exchange for his royalty.

During the New Kingdom the Sphinx was seen as the Syro-Canaanite god Hurun.

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The Great Sphinx PlanPhoto From The Air (See Plan)
Not A Hideous Animal
...But A Sacred
Symbol Of The Union
Of The Strongest
Physical With The
Highest Intellectual
Power On This Earth
During Light Show
George DeLange
Was One Of The First
Five People On Earth
To See Hale-Bopp
The Evening
It Was Discovered,
So This Comet, Is
Very Special To George!
These Two Pictures
Show Comet
Hale Bopp Over
The Great Pyramid
With The Sphinx
"I Never Thought
I Would Ever
Be Here!"
"Me Neither!"
"Its A Dream Come True!"
"I Still Can't Believe
I'm Here!"
"Can You Believe
All Of These
Great Wonders!"
The Sphinx Is
In The Likeness
Of King Khafre
& A Road Leads
From The Sphinx
To Khafre's Pyramid
Stele Between
Legs Of Sphinx
Here Is A View Of
The Roadway
From The Sphinx
To Khafre's Pyramid
Notice The Restoration
With Fresh Stones
There Has Been
Water Damage
To The Sphinx
Requiring Restoration
Notice The Small EntranceClose Up Of Entrance
Audrey DeLange
The Sphinx &
Queens Pyramids,
Great Pyramid.
George DeLange
The Sphinx &
Queens Pyramids,
Great Pyramid.
Of Leg & Tail
Of Front Leg,
Stele Placed
Between Legs
By Thutmosis IV
Head DetailSphinx & Great Pyramid
Sphinx HeadThe Sphinx & Khafre,
Western Sanctuary
West Side Of SphinxWest Sanctuary Of Sphinx
East Temple
Of The Sphinx
Look At The Size
Of The Stones!
North Gate CrowdsCairo, Pizza Hut & KFC
About 300 Yards
North Of Sphinx
Audrey Calls This,
"Camelback Mountain!"
Guards Keep
A Watchful Eye
Out For
Our Security!

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