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The Louvre
Paris, France
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August 1999.

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Google Map Centered On Paris, France.

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Google Map Centered On The Louvre, Paris, France.

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The Louvre, has dominated central Paris since the late 12th century. Built on the city's western edge, the original structure was gradually engulfed as the city grew.

The dark fortress of the early days was transformed into the modernized dwelling of François I and, later, the sumptuous palace of the Sun King, Louis XIV. It has been a museum since 1793.

We were there in August of 1999.

Getting to Paris, France:

The most direct way is by air. The Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (IATA: CDG, ICAO: LFPG) (French: Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle), also known as Roissy Airport (or just Roissy in French), in the Paris area, is one of the world's principal aviation centers, as well as France's main airport. It is named after Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970), leader of the Free French Forces and founder of the French Fifth Republic. It is located within portions of several communes, 25 km (16 mi) to the north-east of Paris. The airport serves as the principal hub for Air France.

There are numerous flights & hotels to Paris.

There are several Guided Tour Agencies offering standard city, and historical tours of Paris and the surrounding area.

After arranging your flight we would suggest getting your hotel and then letting them arrange tours of the area for you. If you call the hotels Concierge Services ahead of your arrival, all of this can be pre-arranged for you.

We do this all the time. It is safe and it works!!! We have never experienced a problem doing it this way!

We have links to on our page so that you can arrange your flight and hotel in Paris.

no one deals like we do! no one deals like we do!

The Courtyard More Than 390 Feet LongThe Clock Pavilion by Lemercier
Started by Louis XIII in 1624
Louvre, George And The Pyramid
Pyramid Begun In 1981
American Architect, Ieoh Ming Pei
The Louvre WAS a Fortress Palace
Begun 13th Century...Now Museum.
If 30 Seconds At Each Exhibit
Audrey "Got My Map,"
Ready to Go..."
Unbelievable Sculptures...
And Crowds!
Liberty Leading The People
Honoring 28 July 1830
The People Overthrew The Bourbon King
Self Portrate Of Delacroix (Top Hat)
Coronation Of Napoleon on 2 Dec 1804
No Less Than 150 Portraits
Painted by Jacques-Louis David
And Assistant Rouget From 1805-1807
Venus de Milo
Probably Done By Praxiteles
At The End Of The Second Century
Discovered By A Peasant On Milo In 1820
Nike Of Samothrace Discovered In 1863
A Missing Hand Was Found In 1950
Work Dated About 190 B.C.
The Mona LisaMona Lisa In Protective Case

no one deals like we do! no one deals like we do!

We Are Proud Of Our SafeSurf Rating!

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