"Big Deer"

Site Of The Earliest Observation Known To Man
Of The Supernova Explosion Of 1054 AD.

Observed On May 24, 1,054 AD.

Located In The Agua Fria National Monument, Arizona.

Page Four.

Eve & George DeLange.

Page Updated January 21, 2,011.

Supernova 1054 AD. M1, Or Crab Nebula. Sketch By Gene A. Lucas & Jim Vail.
We first took photos,
then we enlarged the photos to the scale of our star charts.
Sketch By Gene A. Lucas & Jim Vail.

Supernova 1054 AD. M1, Or Crab Nebula. Sketch By Gene A. Lucas & Jim Vail.
We then overlayed transparencies on the photos
to create the drawings used to compare
against the star charts. This gave us our match.
By holding the charts overhead when
viewing the space objects, such as Orion;
It all became obvious!
Sketch By Gene A. Lucas & Jim Vail.

Experts tell us that it is impossible to know for sure what the petroglyphs that we find scattered all over the world really mean.

We think that statement is probably true.

We have presented here a hypothesis about the meanings of the petroglyphs at "Big Deer."

We think we are correct in our interpretation and we would welcome any comments or discussion which could further our understanding of this subject.

We hope you enjoyed our tour!

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