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How To Place An Order

Almost All Of Our Photos Are Available In High Resolution, For Commercial Use (Books, Magazines, TV Productions, etc.)
They Are Royalty Free, And A One Time, $30 US Fee Is Charged For Each Photo

Our Free Photos are for Students and Teachers for their use in classrooms only, they may be downloaded from our web pages. Any other use is considered commercial and a fee is charged.

1. Select the image or images that you wish to purchase. Please, find a file name ( use the right click and properties feature) and the web page where the image is located.

2. Send George or Audrey an email describing your request and requirements. Please, provide a file name and the web page where the image is located.
We will reply to your request with any questions that we may have.

3. We will send you any image or images that you have requested for your final approval.

4. After you are completely satisfied with the image or images, Please notify us of your acceptance of the image(s).

5. Your complete satisfaction is of the upmost importance. We will rework image(s) to meet your requirements. When you notify us of your acceptance we will invoice you.

6. Upon arrival of our invoice, Please pay the invoice by clicking the Pay Account Link. Follow the directions on that link page. You can pay by credit card. We Use Pay Pal.

Send E-Mail to: Audrey DeLange and George DeLange

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