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George And Eve DeLange

We have received hundreds of e mails from people asking us where they can receive more information about the native plants and wildlife of Arizona. Due to the volume of these requests, we have made arrangements with to feature those books which we can personally recommend as being very useful to anyone who is interested in the plants and wildlife of Arizona. We also have listed a book about the growing of flowers, vegetables, and citrus in Arizona.

Near the end of this listing of products we have placed some very nice packets for Opium Poppies, Papaver Somniferum; which are legal to grow in most states. They are very beautiful and we suggest trying them. NOTE: THEY ARE NOT TO LEGAL TO GROW FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING OPIUM. DO NOT PURCHASE THEM FOR THAT PURPOSE!

We know how frustrating it can be to buy a book that does not really answer our questions; so we have only listed books that we personally use. PLEASE BE AWARE: NOT EVERY BOOK ANSWERS EVERY QUESTION. That's why we have several books in our library. We hope that you will find this page beneficial.

If you are new to gardening in Arizona or the Desert Southwest; the book by Mary Irish called "Month-by-Month Gardening in the Desert Southwest" should be your number one choice. We know it is ours, and we have been growing plants in Arizona for 66+ years! It answers most of the questions that we have ever asked, about what to grow and how to grow them. We have been to some of her lectures and everyone who is there, leaves very impressed, with her kindness and knowledge. We wish this book had been available many years ago!

If you wish a book which describes with photos and words many of the plants found in Arizona; we recommend the book by Anne Orth Epple and Lewis E. Epple called, "A Field Guide To The Plants Of Arizona." Almost all of the plants on our web pages can be found in that book. It is considered a necessary book to be included in your library, by almost all of the serious plant observers of Arizona. However, the book is not too technical for the beginner to use.

If you have scorpions around your home and want to get rid of them. Use Bifen I/T. It has totally eliminated them for us. But, you need to respray it about every two months during the summers. Several neighbors have started using it and they love it!

If you have algae in your pool or pond, Avoid the high price of pool supply algicide. USE COPPER SULFATE, IT KILLS ALGAE. Very inexpensive to use.

We appreciate your patronage, since you will be helping us to continue our project of making information about the plants and animals of Arizona available to other travelers of the beautiful trails of Arizona.

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