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George And Eve DeLange

We have received thousands of e mails asking us where they can receive more information about the wildlife of Arizona. Due to the volume of these requests, we have made arrangements with Amazon.Com to feature those books which we can personally recommend as being very useful to anyone who is interested in the wildflowers and wildlife of Arizona. We also have listed some books on the growing of flowers, vegetables, and citrus in Arizona.

We have listed the books from left to right and from top to bottom as to their usefulness to someone who is new to the area. This page is especially dedicated to the animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. We have included books of various price ranges, but we would recommend starting out with the less expensive books to see if they would work best for you. We hope that you will find this page beneficial.

We appreciate your patronage since you will be helping us to continue our project of making this information about the wildflowers of Arizona available to other interested travelers along the beautiful trails of Arizona.

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